Sid Vasili joins the SSON Analytics team as a Principal Consultant


Sid Vasili, SSON Analytics Principal Consultant

Sid Vasili joins the SSON Analytics team as a Principal Consultant. SSON Analytics is the global data analytics centre of the Shared Services & Outsourcing Network (SSON), the largest community of shared services, outsourcing, and transformation professionals globally. The analytics organisation provides valuable metrics, benchmarks, research and insights for existing operators, suppliers and new entrants to the SSC and GBS industry.

Based in the UK and with business interests in Europe, USA and APAC, Vasili will be providing strategic support for innovation and market development - Sharing expertise in the industry based on his track record as a serial entrepreneur in the Business Process Outsourcing, Global Payments, Global Business Services and Shared Services Sector.

“I am thrilled to collaborate with our community to bring the utmost critical data and insights to the forefront and help pave the way for continued maturity across the GBS community. I look forward to working with Naomi Secor, Tom Bangemann, the team, and the entire SSON community”, comments Sid.

With 180,000 members and a global database of over 7,000 shared services centres (SSCs) and more than 3,000 business process outsourcing companies (BPOs), SSON Analytics provides digestible data insights into the shared services and outsourcing industry by city and region throughout the world. Metrics include numbers of shared services centres with industry function, company revenue breakdowns, job market metrics, availability of talent, employee accreditations, average salaries, cost of living, cost of labour and risk probability index.

More details about the platform can be seen here:

INTNT.AI appoints Sid Vasili as Chairman


Sid Vasili appointed Chairman of INTNT

Applying artificial intelligence to gain insight into customer intentions, the INTNT-ENGINE monitors customer interactions with chatbots 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to predict behaviour and intentions. This data is then used to train chatbots to be more responsive and customer-focused, resulting in improvements to customer service and increased sales for insurance companies and similar organisations.   

As a serial entrepreneur with a track record in implementing new technology in blue-chip companies and shared services organisations, Vasili is an Investor in Start-Ups, including INTNT.AI.

Vasili is on the Main Board to support business strategy and challenge INTNT.AI to apply leading-edge AI solutions to improve business efficiency by changing legacy processes and systems.

Working alongside Founder and CEO Manuel Ho and a strong team of board members including KC Lai, Ian Tomlin and Michael Hyltoft, Vasili leads the expansion into Europe and the opening of the London office.  

Manuel Ho founded INTNT.AI in 2018 following a successful career as Head of Customer Marketing at the Royal Bank of Scotland Group, Strategy Director at Wolf Olins and CXO at various start-ups in the UK and Asia.

Sid Vasili Chairs "AP Automation" Digital Summit 2020


AP Automation 20

Sid Vasili has been invited to chair The "AP Automation" Digital Summit 2020 on 10-11 November 2020, organised by The Shared Services and Outsourcing Network (SSON). Over 1000 delegates are expected to attend. 

Accounts Payable departments will review tools, techniques and investment priorities for improving efficiency within AP departments. Expert presentations will cover the use of AI, robots, data analytics, distributed teams, remote working and other solutions to streamline E2E invoice processing. The conference will also discuss the industry's approach to customer and vendor relationships.

As an industry leader with extensive experience in Accounts Payable outsourcing and technology, Sid Vasili will challenge the industry to adapt by driving forward innovation.

The conference is sponsored by check an invoice, ABBYY, basware and Kofax. 

PrinSIX Technologies appoints Sid Vasili as Chairman


PrinSIX Technologies, the dynamic lending platform founded by Julian Graham Rack (CEO), past President of the Consumer Finance Association and Richard Cornelius (CTO), has appointed Sid Vasili as Chairman.

PrinSIX exists to support lenders of personal finance to comply with the Financial Conduct Authority’s Principle Six; “A firm must pay due regard to the interests of its customers”. The software interacts dynamically with borrowers, asking questions and replying automatically, whilst fairly assessing the circumstances of every borrower.

Julian Graham-Rack says “We are delighted to be joined by Sid Vasili as an investor and shareholder. Sid’s direction and vast experience in the financial industry will strengthen our approach, supporting businesses in all sectors which offer credit to customers.”

Farewell to Stephen Weiss


As a legacy for Stephen Weiss who sadly passed away in March this year at the age of 94, we are continuing to support sales of his books ‘The Invisible Scars of War’ and ‘Allies in Conflict’.

As well as being a very dear friend, Stephen will be remembered as a WWII veteran who fought for the French Resistance, was made commandeur of the Légion d’honneur. Following a successful post-war career in Holywood, Stephen dedicated his life to understanding war and PTSD. As well as writing books and speaking about the realities of war at the Royal Military Academy in Sandhurst, Stephen was a awarded a PhD in War Studies by King’s College London in 1995, was a highly praised lecturer into his 90’s and became a fellow of the university in 2019. 

More about Steve’s extraordinary life can been read in his Guardian obituary.

Check an Invoice appointment


Check an Invoice Logo

Check an Invoice, an innovative invoice fraud detection platform for local and global corporates, has appointed Sid Vasili as the new Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Vasili will be working alongside CEO Firdaus Mogul, who is highly experienced in commercial payments following 18 years at Standard Chartered and American Express.  Together, Vasili and Mogul will drive Check an Invoice forward, to become the leading software platform in invoice fraud detection and prevention.

Stephen Weiss Publishes "Allies in Conflict"


Allies in Conflict by Stephen Weiss

Following the success of his first book “The Invisible Scars of War”, I am delighted that my good friend Stephen Weiss has just published “Allies in Conflict.”

As a WWII veteran, Stephen has a remarkable life story. From being a ‘boy’ soldier on the front line experiencing the harrowing effects of war and developing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Stephen used his experiences to qualify as a clinical psychologist and was awarded a doctorate and a masters in War Studies from King’s College London.

A highly regarded academic, Stephen’s new book examines the unifying and destructive forces that affected the relationship between the UK and the USA as a strategic solution to the war in Europe was desperately searched for. Powerful and insightful, Allies in Conflict assesses the different methods of leadership and underlying tensions, delving into the very depths of war and game playing to unearth the truth about war time strategy and its relevance today.

Sid Vasili Culem Swiss-made watches


I have been fascinated with the concepts that my friend Matthew Cule has developed within his range of CuleM Watches – the world’s first luxury watch brand to correctly display 24 world time zones in both GMT and BST on an open case back – allowing you to set the local and destination time on your GMT watch accurately.

As a watch collector, Sid Vasili curates the ‘Complicated Elegance’ column in I-M magazine and has been interested in the Craftsmanship of Independent Watchmakers, and how Matthew Cule, CuleM Watches’ founder since 2012, has developed The World GMT collection of Swiss-made watches.

CuleM brand combines two passions; mind-expanding travel and luxury watches of the highest craftsmanship. There will only be a limited number of these precision timepieces, each made to order, and available from Kickstarter on 7th May 2019.

Sid Vasili appointed as Director and Key Advisor at EMO Technologies


EMO Technologies, a leading emotion analytics company based in Singapore, has appointed two new key advisors – Sid Vasili, Serial Entrepreneur and active investor in AITech, InsurTech, RegTech, and FinTech Companies and Wolff Olins’ MD Charles Wright.

Both will be working alongside EMO’s Founder and CEO Manuel Ho, who was previously Head of Customer Marketing at the Royal Bank of Scotland Group. With Charles’ experience of guiding teams to deliver breakthrough thinking and Sid’s position as an industry visionary and thought leader in the global finance industry, EMO Technologies will be able to harness the full power of AI to provide the most accurate sentiment and emotion analytics engine for social media.

CardUp appoints Sid Vasili as a board member



"The credit card enablement platform CardUp has appointed Sid Vasili as a board member. It has also created a new advisory committee to drive CardUp’s growth and expansion"...

Read the full announcement here

I-M Formidable Women Awards


Sid Vasili at I-M Awards

I had the honour of being invited to the first edition of I-M Formidable Women Awards, hosted by journalist Kat Brown on 9th of October at ETHOS in central London.

I-M Intelligent Magazine launched these Awards to celebrate wants celebrate the success and worth of women in Britain. Read the full I-M Magazine article on nominees and winners.

I-M Intelligent Magazine publishes an interview with World War II Veteran G.I. Stephen Weiss


Stephen Weiss, author of The Invisible Scars of War

My friend Stephen Weiss served in the US infantry to liberate Europe. Months of front line danger and a daily fear of death resulted in severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

He found the strength to recover and eventually qualify as a psychotherapist, scholar of war & expert on the psychology of soldiers in battle.

The editor I-M Intelligent Magazine and I had the privilege of interviewing Stephen and share his story and insights ahead of the publication of his book “the Invisible Scars of War”. Read the full interview with Stephen Weiss