Sharing worldwide expertise on payment eco-systems
Sharing worldwide expertise on payment eco-systems

As Richard Branson once wrote, “as a consultant, I would expect you to have an abundance of entrepreneurial experience”.

My 35 years’ experience and more have spanned working client-side experience, starting up businesses and Fin-tech companies, working with the world’s largest corporations and advising governments to simplify and improve of business and finance workflows, I now work on advisory boards, as an industry thought leader and a trusted adviser to a host of companies and governments around the globe:

Trusted advisor to the public sector

I provide advisory services towards the progression of digital government and of a digital, transparent economy. I work I partnership with:

  • UK Government - namely Electronic Invoicing - Next Steps towards a Digital Government
  • UAE Government - Smart Finance Solution.
Board member and Advisor 

I am a Board member and Advisor to global corporations, financial and investment institutions.

Serial entrepreneur 

Since 1975, I founded a series of companies to optimise business processes (BPO), develop software and systems and launch innovative Fintech solutions:

2018 - Sid Vasili Advisory
2009 - 2017 Invapay Payment Solutions Ltd (Fintech)
1995 - 2007 Microsupplies Ltd (Office Furniture)
1986 - 1999 Carfile Systems Ltd (Software Development)
1986 - 1989 Microfilm Mobile Ltd (Microfilm Solutions)
1980 - 2007 Caledonian Reprographics Ltd (BPO)
1975 - 2005 HMSL Group Ltd (BPO)